Urgent Dental Care

Dental Emergency

Only $119 per year

Emergency dental care is a need, not a want.

Ignoring a dental emergency for a whole weekend or even a few hours can cause the condition to become dangerously worse. When you are experiencing pain, an infection, or have sustained a dental trauma, we advise you to call a local dentist right away.


Connect with an emergency dental provider in your area that can attend to you immediately and prevent the situation from endangering your health–and from costing more money.

Care without the financial burden

Affordable Care

We make paying for dental care affordable for any budget only - $119 per year.

Local Dentists

Book an appointment and receive the dental urgent care you want and need without out of pocket expenses to you.

Timely Care

When a dental emergency strikes, you can’t wait hours or days to be seen by a dentist–and you shouldn’t have to.

Emergency coverage

Our Dental Coverage includes